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Incubator Shakers are fine examples of our constant thinking. These incubators will provide a controlled environment for continuous growth of biological organisms. Market applications include: microbiology, tissue culture, cell culture and bacteriology.

Features our unique counter balance weighting system is adjustable to accommodate off-center loads, varying capacities and stroke lengths, which in turn allows smoother running. All available in model SI6/SI6R. An adjustable orbit allows you to change the rotational stroke from 0.5î (vigorous shaking) to 1î (gentle shaking) to accommodate different types of cells and provides maximum oxygen transfer. The SI6 has a small footprint and its chamber provides shelf space for static incubation during shaking. Refrigerates via a 1/6-horsepower motorized compressor (produced without CFCs/HCFCs).

All major functions -- temperature, RPM and time -- have alarms that alert you immediately to deviations from set parameters. Over temperature protection is provided via a safety thermostat. Digital keypad operation offers the ability to calibrate the temperature controller to a reference thermometer.

A product of constant thinking for constant use. To better support the load over years of constant use, we utilize four load bearing positions and optimize weight distribution.

If the desk shakes it's an earthquake. Aerate. Agitate. All without disturbing anything else around.
*Microprocessor Control
*Load Flexibility
*Shaking Platform Included
*Independent Controls for Temperature, Timer, and Shaker
*Full Line of Shaking Accessories
*12 Month Warranty

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