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Chilling / Heating Incubators

There are 5 models of chilling/heating convection incubators in our
product range. All are Peltier-based and have no CFC’s or compressors
to worry about. They are reliable, accurate and easy to use.
Two are fully programmable. Four have temperature ranges from
4.0ºC to 70.0ºC, and all read and regulate temperature to 0.1ºC.
Because these units chill and heat they can control temperatures at
or near room temperature, and they will hold that temperature
regardless of changes in room temperature. All have built-in timers,
RS232 I/O ports for recording data or controlling the units by
computer, and the programmable models have built-in temperature
ramping. They have built-in watchdog circuits and power failure
protection that will return the unit to what it was doing when
power returns after a power failure. They all share common
applications. They are extensively used for growing protein crystals.

• Protein crystal growth
• Incubating marine sample below ambient
• Enzyme reactions and deactivations
• Hybridizations
• Ligations at 14.0ºC to 16.0ºC
• Storing oocytes at 17.0ºC
• Culture growth below, above and at
room temperature
• Storing DNA libraries


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